First of all I have to thank my partner, Kristof Heil. He accompanied me to almost all the locations with immense patience and resilience. He looked about and got a sense of all the places as a whole, beyond my own narrow view-finder perspective, and took the time to read many of the information boards and inscriptions we came across. Who can find someone who is so steady without a flicker of rebellion?

Thanks to Heinrich Janke, the creator of „der Betenden“ and „des Gebeugten“.

Thanks also to the following:

  • Chiara Brendel, for helping to insert the photos in the calendar
  • Sebastian Grau, who designed the web page
  • Wolfram Graubner, for proof-reading the German text
  • Laura Schneider, for editing the German text
  • Doris Ebertz, for throwing a last critical glance at the German text.