Platform 17 (Gleis 17), Berlin, 28.09.2014

To reach Platform 17 you have to travel through some of the fanciest Berlin residential areas. Then at the end, just as you think you‘ll never find the place, you go up a ramp on the right and you‘re there.

On the corner is a restaurant popular with day-trippers. Lots of cyclists have to go past here. Some of the families on their bike trips stop and have a look at Platform 17, which is where many Jews and others were collected for their last journey.

This place would be their last sight of Berlin.

A commemorative plaque is set at one end and at the other end the tracks lead to nowhere. Between the tracks are birch trees from Auschwitz.

Opposite the restaurant, hard to make out, is a memorial stone and a concrete wall with nameless hollow bodies.

In good weather it‘s quite nice here.

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