Ravensbrück Concentration Camp, 28.06.2014

If one didn‘t know better, one would speak of untouched nature. But this place is far from innocent.

We are greeted by a modern visitors‘ information centre.

How well-ordered everything is. The administrative block. The yard complex.

Around the corner things get nasty: The passage of death. Those who entered did not come back out.

The barracks. At the front those for single inmates. I have to lie down on the ground again to take photos.

Each nation which had victims here has designed and furnished its own cell.

The crematorium is at the end of a long path. A massive grill fence blocks it off, making photos difficult. I have to lie down again.

The big wall. Lawns and the lake in front of it.

The other side. So close. And no-one there claims to have known anything.

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