Vogelsang, Schleiden, 20/21.06.2014

We come here quite often because we have a house near here. I‘ve even taken pictures here of Wireman.

I don‘t go here in bad weather; this place becomes unbearable then.

The photos are challenging to take, but there‘s an appeal of course in having the two figures look so out of place.

I return at the summer solstice and try to take some more pictures.

The irony of taking photos in the late afternoon on this particular day at the spot where the torch-bearer marks the solstice does not escape me.

I imagine how Junkers, booted and spurred, would have marched up here with their torches.

I‘m glad I‘m alone. What kind of people would be drawn here today? I feel dreadful.

The inscription next to the statue is damaged, but it used to read:

"You are the torch-bearers of the nation,
You carry the light of the spirit forward
Into battle for Adolf Hitler"

How light here was transformed into will-o'-the-wisp!

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