Hohenlychen, Lychen, 28.06.2014

I have an impulse, just as we leave Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, to drive to Hohenlychen. Even using Google I have trouble trying to work out where to go.

We drive north. After fifty or sixty kilometres we drive past Ravensbrück Concentration Camp. Okay - let‘s stop off there on the way back. At least I know we‘re on the right track, because I‘d read about how they‘d sent Ravensbrück inmates to Hohenlychen for experiments. Or was it the other way round? Does it matter?

Those in charge felt at ease in Hohenlychen; high-ranking Nazi apparatchiks apparently liked it here. Probably due to the landscape.

A round blue memorial plaque is the only thing that commemorates what happened here. Many of the buildings which housed the clinics are boarded up and rotting away.

As a photographer I‘m at a loss.

The only glimmer of hope is a lone chapel in the woods which is about to host a private view.

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