Neuengamme Concentration Camp, Hamburg, 29.06.2014

So many names on innocent white banners on blood red walls. A small forest. A maintenance area. After that, a lot of countryside. To one side the remains of a post-war prison - a sign of Germany‘s insensitivity after World War II in relation to the horrors of this site.

Material to do with the Bullenhuser Damm are shown in a section of the exhibition in the barracks. Newspaper articles and supporting documents about the trials of the perpetrators. Dr Kurt Heißmeyer was able to practice medicine until the early 1960s.

Then the sites of the barracks, the muster ground for roll-calls, the crematorium and a goods wagon. Next to it is a concrete platform marked with the footprints of young people, showing how cramped it was in these wagons.
Slowly back.

A pause at two devoured and flayed bodies.

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