Topographie des Terrors, Berlin, 15.06.2014

This place is surreal. Not much now remains of what was once a monstrous building where terrible things happened. Because of this it‘s harder to relate to what happened here than at other locations we have yet to visit.

Photographing the rubble and what‘s left of the walls, I take heart at the sight of a small, lone dandelion tentatively poking its head out. Somehow there is hope in this dreariness.

Taking pictures in the exhibition hall is difficult - as it is in every exhibition. I try to put "Die Betende" in front of a photo is Adolf Hitler and wonder if the shot will work. I have the same challenge in front of an image of a Pole.

I was fascinated by the section with the many filing boxes. Every box contains a life and his or her fate.

I look for the area devoted to gay men and lesbians. I find it. I am calmed.

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